Mission Critical

New threats, new skills. SHINE Systems’ team
is always prepared to support your mission.

One Mission.
One Team.

Empowering decisive action
by providing critical information
wherever the mission requires.


Multi-Intelligence Analysis

Providing critical information
wherever the mission requires to empower decisive action.


Enabling cyber resilience to face threats through proactive prevention and rapid recovery.

Mission Support

New challenges demand new skills. We’re always prepared to support your mission.

Technology Integration

Access managed development resources with industry, platform, language, and subject matter expertise.


Providing the people, skills, and technology to improve operations and service quality.


Identifying, thwarting, and responding to national and international threats.


Expert tradecraft partners supporting crucial intelligence and law enforcement missions.


Multi-intelligence analysis

Find out how SHINE Systems developed data aggregation techniques and workflows to uncover terror links.

Contract Vehicles
& Certifications


Teaming Partners

Teaming Partners


SHINE Systems is Looking For You!

SHINE Systems is Looking For You!

Spotlighted Job OpportunitiesCheck the listings below for more specifics. We are excited to work with you.FSR Hardware Engineer As a Field Service Representative (FSR) Hardware Engineer, you will be on the front lines assisting Palantir’s implementation teams to...

Colonial Pipeline Attack & Ransomware

Colonial Pipeline Attack & Ransomware

On May 7, 2021, the 5,500 miles (8,850 km) Colonial Pipeline was forced to cease operations. As a result, roughly 45% of the east coast's total fuel supply halted. The Pipeline operations did not resume until May 12, five days later. A ransomware attack had crippled...