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Discover the Right Strategic Actions

SHINE Systems delivers cutting-edge solutions that transform your greatest challenges into a strategic advantage. We analyze trends applying the best technical capabilities to thwart and prepare for threats of many forms.

We are successful because we equip you with and perform the industry’s best military intelligence analysis, identity intelligence collection and analysis, fraud detection, system and software engineering, training, cyber security, and mission support services.

Learn how by focusing on any or all 3 of our core competencies.


Decision Analytics

SHINE Systems offers Decision Analytics that come from a broad background of decades of data collection, analysis, cyber security, threat detection, and IT systems support. Our number one goal is to deliver the right person, with the right skills and knowledge to solve your organizations biggest challenges.

technology integration

Technology Integration

Our Technology Integration Solutions team’s emphasis is on collaborative systems engineering with a strong commitment to innovation, process, and execution. SHINE Systems' engineers are thought leaders in developing solutions from high-level system integration to data management.

mission support services

Mission Support Services

SHINE Systems has a proven track record of offering superior Mission Support Services in the form of administrative support, technical and analytical training, and small team support. Our training programs support analysts and technical teams located in the U.S. and across the globe.