One Mission.

One Team.

We deliver analysis, cybersecurity, mission support, and technology solutions to create a strategic and tactical advantage wherever the mission takes us.

For over a decade, we have delivered expertise and timely information to empower our federal customers’ decisive action.

We are partners in your mission.

Decision Analytics

Our experienced analysts employ sophisticated tools to transform your data through pinpoint analytics into the critical information you need for decisive action. In addition to All-Source intelligence analysts, we offer Subject Matter Expertise in the variety of those disciplines listed below.

Our team provides years of military intelligence analysis experience systematically strengthening our customers’ decision advantage across:

Expertise in All-Source Intelligence Analysis
  • Actionable Intelligence Product Generation
  • COTS & GOTS Software Product Training and User Adoption
  • Geospatial/FMV/Imagery Analysis
  • Direct Combat Zone Intelligence & Targeting Support
Reliable and Proven Solutions Support
  • Program & Project Management
  • Business Process Improvement & Re-Engineering
  • Evaluation of Intelligence Products, Software Product Tools, & Training (Including Curriculum Development & Delivery)
Expertise in Biometrics-Enabled Intelligence
  • IC & Law Enforcement Collection, Analysis, and Training
  • Combat Zone Support
  • Latent Print Examination & Exploitation

SHINE Systems is a Preferred Partner with IC Software Solutions.

Mission Support

New challenges demand new skills. Expertise and preparation are the cornerstones of our support to help you achieve your mission. We are recognized around the world as among the best at our shared approach to meeting your specific goals. 

  • Program & Project Management
  • Operational Support (e.g., HAZMAT)
  • CAAS/SETA Roles & Responsibilities
  • Executive & Administrative Services
  • Communications Continuity
  • Security Operations
  • Deployment Logistics
  • Medical Information Evaluation

Technology Integration

Technology powers our world, and our world is changing daily. We keep pace with that innovation by hiring engineers who are thought leaders in the industry. We offer multi-platform front to back-end software engineering and foundational systems engineering, in addition to certified project management.

We have demonstrated experience in:

  • PMP Certified Program & Project Management of Lifecycle Implementations
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering & Systems Administration
  • COTS & GOTS Software Integration, Product Support, & Training
    • Multi-Roles including as a VAR/Referral Partner
  • Architecture Design & Review
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Support
  • Cybersecurity
    • CMMC Registered Practitioner (RP) certified staff
    • Compliance assessments for NIST 800-171 (DFARS), CMMC,
      and ISO27001 – Cyber Shield Alliance

Featuring our Pyramid of Protection®

Cyber disruptions are increasing in such frequency and severity that it’s no longer a matter of “if” but instead a matter of “when”.

Organizations need to prepare.  Vulnerabilities lead to erosion of confidentiality, integrity, or availability that may stem from malicious attacks, accidents, or natural occurrences.

We help customers establish cyber resilience, enabling them to operate in the face of these threats through proactive prevention and detection, streamlined response, and rapid recovery.

I. Policy
  • Ensure leadership support
  • Develop a culture of security
  • Develop a cybersecurity management program
  • Identify and classify critical data
  • Identify and assess risk
  • Develop security policies
  • Create IRP/BCP/DRP
  • Develop cybersecurity teams
  • Develop a cybersecurity awareness program
  • Implement continual process improvement
II. Practice
  • Protect networks, systems, and data from cyberattacks, failures, and accidents
  • Implement continual asset and network discovery and mapping
  • Deploy cybersecurity technologies, processes, and people to protect systems, networks, and data
  • Build threat landscape awareness
  • Implement a threat management program
  • Share information and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
III. Posture
  • Continuously monitor networks and systems
  • Monitor and enforce policy adherence
  • Respond to events and incidents
  • Test IRP/BCP/DRP
  • Perform risk assessments and simulations
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Perform threat hunting
  • Measure and track cyber resilience

SHINE Systems can help you:

  • Protect your organization with proactive policy, practice, and posture
  • Reduce the financial impact of cyber disruptions
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Improve internal processes
  • Protect brand and reputation
  • Strengthen customer trust
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) compliant

SHINE System’s Pyramid of Protection helps organizations ensure cyber resilience through policy, practice, and posture across all resources and assets.

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