Case Study — Multi-Intelligence Analysis

Multi-Intelligence Analysis.

Developed data aggregation techniques and workflows to uncover terror links.

Prevented harm from a previously unrecognized threat.

Provide training to uncover less obvious threats.

Using Advanced Analytics Software to Identify Specific Foreign Intelligence Threats

Mitigating terror threat to U.S. service members abroad.

SHINE Systems takes pride in our ability to train and deploy personnel to the right place, with the right skills, to help thwart danger to our U.S. service members. 

While deployed at a customer site abroad, SHINE analysts discovered missed and hidden information that indicated the timing, targets, and methods for an imminent attack against U.S. service members. 

The information uncovered caused a change in security posture, which mitigated the threat and prevented harm or injury to U.S. service members. 

Follow up investigations on the threat led to the uncovering of a previously unknown terrorist cell with similar malevolent intentions and helped shape future collection requirements. 

SHINE analysts are now able to provide training on data aggregation, link analysis, and developing workflows to uncover unnoticed terror links. 

Our analysts continue to provide customers with critical intelligence support and training, which includes mission support, deskside training, mentorship from intelligence subject matter experts, and traditional classroom instruction.