CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. March 21, 2008 — SHINE Systems & Technologies (SHINE; engages key partner and drafts a White Paper for the Patent Technology Exploitation System (PATES). The tidal wave of intelligence data requires their exploitation be characterized by accuracy, deliberateness, and action. When canvassing Tier 1 technologies in the National Intelligence Priorities Framework, timeliness can mean proactive measures, reactive responses, or both.  PATES includes an expansive repository of foreign-based patents, and the methodologies applied demonstrate a context of these patents and their relationships to US patents, foreign government entity research (technical, persons involved, locations, etc.), weaponization, and in some cases theft. Equipping analysts with the data and context as well as the automated tools to exploit these two vital force multipliers, the PATES delivers results for more reasoned judgments and informed proactive assessments. The RACE (Reporting, Analysis, Complement, Exploitation) with time brings PATES, SST and its partner Innovation Data Solutions LLC, and the analysts together in a joint, collaborative, and efficient unit.

The PATES’ features encompass, among other capabilities, an ongoing review of the changing economies that drive states of concerns.  By assessing patterns in technology development, the relationships and possibilities for technology transfer among these states are identified as they venture from government sponsorship to private development.  By following this path, SST and analysts can determine where key technological knowledge is imbedded and associations between legitimate institutions and the defense materiel development institutions.  For example, a person of interest may work for a University (at the direction of that government or not) and pursue a particular technology advancement.  That University’s relationships to US agencies, US commercial entities, and foreign entities (states and non-states) will reveal where a technology’s readiness level is as well as where that technology is going (i.e., R&D, location(s), etc.).  This progress speaks to our preparation (counter proliferation), countermeasures (materiel development and CONOPS), and response (from collection to escalation).

PATES is an intellectual property information management system featuring the world’s largest standardized database of patents and patent related information.  It has grown in robustness and reliability through its database collection holdings of the world’s patent issuing authorities, technical conference proceedings, scientific and technical journals, and academic research and development disclosures.  Data sources and feeds are acquired via subscription, barter data exchanges, and/or data purchase to compile one of the most thorough compilations of scientific, technical, and intellectual property information in the world.  To complement the patent information, global academic, scientific, and technical disclosures data are integrated to create a virtual global innovation pulsometer that tracks technology innovations worldwide.

PATES’ unique value proposition lies in tracking and analyzing the suspected proliferation of global technology innovations as well as the researchers, scientists, and related individuals involved in the suspected proliferation activities.  The system serves as a critical resource in the management of public and private technology proliferation risks and related targeting activities.  Additionally, PATES features Government Interest information for US innovations, new statistical and geographic visualization tools, and enhanced customization functionality.  The key to unlock the PATES utility is the exploitation and consumption of its rich data to arrive at a capabilities-based perspective.

The approach to the most effective exploitation of the PATES data is a RACE (Reporting, Analysis, Complement, Exploitation) to process data toward an actionable end goal.  RACE describes the services and products generated using PATES, is based on a collaborative model, and produces results that engage action.  Those actions may be based in reasoned judgments (for Reporting), subject matter technical expertise (for Analysis), support to existing analytical systems and/or models (for Complement), and/or consumption (for Exploitation).  The flexibility offered is intentional; as priorities dictate or preparation mandates, the PATES RACE solution offers data exploitation on an analyst’s terms.

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