SHINE Shares IP Analysis Insights with Shenandoah Valley Entrepreneurial Community

HARRISONBURG, VA. March 5, 2009 – SHINE President Jeff Thomas served as an invited panelist sharing his insights on intellectual property (IP) analysis at the inaugural Valley Innovation Network event held at the Spotswood Country Club.

The Valley Innovation Network event brought together over 80 inventors, entrepreneurs, service providers, and advisors interested in developing innovations and growing business in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The morning was dedicated to SRI International’s Disciplines of Innovation workshop helping attendees learn techniques for creating value for their organization’s customers and stakeholders. Following a networking lunch, three panels of speakers provided informative presentations and answers to attendees’ questions on Business and Legal Planning, University Collaborations, and Funding Sources.

SHINE President Jeff Thomas led off the Business and Legal Planning panel with a presentation on the importance of a thorough analysis of IP as a prerequisite to its commercialization. Understanding the commercial viability of the IP requires analysis of overlap with existing patents, commercial readiness, other technologies and IP owners in the IP’s innovation domain, applications of the technology (including uses in alternative markets), and bundling opportunities.  He noted SHINE’s patent pending PATES™ model offers this analysis and recommendations for a roadmap to commercialization.

“We are honored to be invited to participate in the first Valley Innovation Network event” said Mr. Thomas.  James Madison University, SRI International and all the event partners are to be congratulated on an excellent educational and networking opportunity for the Valley’s growing entrepreneurial community of which SHINE Systems is pleased to be a part.”


SHINE Systems & Technologies  (SHINE; is a management consultancy headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. SHINE Systems is focused on enabling clients with end-to-end solutions that leverage workflow, technology integration, collaboration, and innovation. Our client base includes the Federal Government, State and Local Governments, Non-Profits, and Commercial firms. SHINE’s subject matter expertise encompasses military and business Intelligence Analysis, Fusion, and Analytics; web and non-web based Software Engineering; Business Process and Workflow Engineering, Re-Engineering, and Optimization; Collaboration and Strategic Planning; the Information Technologies; the Health and Life Sciences; and Intellectual Property management and commercialization.

About PATES™ (patent pending)

SHINE’s patent-pending Patent/Technology Exploitation System (PATES™) rapidly and efficiently analyzes intellectual property (IP), including pre-patent technologies as well as provisional or issued patents, to achieve two goals: 1) determine the commercial viability of the IP, and 2) maximize the return to the IP owner. PATES™ marries technology, process and expert analysis in a structured, disciplined model that produces an objective, actionable assessment in 30 days or less. The Patent/Technology Analysis Summary Sheet (PASS™) offers customers an actionable summary of the PATES™ unique assessment as well as a roadmap to commercialization.  Included in this assessment are IP overlap analysis, innovation/market landscape and commercial opportunities, and recommended next steps to commercialize the technology.