Current Board Members Review Current And Future Operations Of The Company

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA.  May 3, 2012 – SHINE Systems & Technologies (SHINE) held its annual Board of Advisors meeting on May 3rd and 4th at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia. SHINE Systems is an innovative small business focusing on intelligence analytics, identity intelligence, technology integration, and consulting services. The company serves private businesses, academic, government, and military clients. The firm has been operating since 2008 and has been profitable since 2009.

SHINE President, Jeff Thomas, opened the meeting with welcoming remarks then invited the Board members to share their insights and ideas. The Board discussed strategies for the company’s rapidly growing consulting and service networks.

Board Chair, Doug Keach, who oversees SHINE’s operations in the Washington DC metro area, shared the exciting developments surrounding the company’s new presence in the nation’s capital.  SHINE Systems is actively working with Palantir Technologies, Inc., a software company that provides an intelligence analysis tool to help clients correlate data across multiple data bases.  SHINE provides embedded analysts to act as Field Service Representatives in the intelligence community.

Tom Klingel discussing SHINE Systems' support of Palantir and GMU

Tom Klingel discussing SHINE Systems’ support of Palantir and GMU

Tom Klingel, Vice President of SHINE Systems and Technologies, presented the project profile for Palantir, Data sharing allows users in intelligence, defense, and law enforcement to collaboratively identify groups and individuals involved in specific types of activities, patterns of activities, and other information of value to analysts.  SHINE’s embedded analysts provide training, configuration and customization of the Palantir suite of products to the intelligence community users and their agencies.

SHINE will provide a Client Market Assessment for each ICAP client and a customized “roadmap” to each Long-Term Client (LTC) to address the prospective entrepreneur’s “go-to-market” requirements.  SHINE also will provide five hours of individualized consulting/coaching services to each LTC. These services are provided free of charge. Tom Klingel also discussed the project profile for George Mason University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The Virginia SBDC Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program (ICAP) serves the university’s Mason Enterprise Center along with twenty-nine Virginia Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) throughout the Commonwealth. SHINE Systems is working with ICAP to assist innovators in the areas of clean technology and modeling and simulation in analyzing their developments for marketability and, where viable, move them to market.


Terry Woodworth, Ph.D., introducing PATESTM

Terry Woodworth, Ph.D., introducing PATESTM

Terry Woodworth, Chief Scientist, introduced the Patent/Technology Exploitation System (PATESTM), a system that combines expert analysis, technology, and repeatable processes to help innovators evaluate their intellectual property for commercial viability and maximize the returns on that property. PATES operates through two standard products: the Patent/Technology Analysis Summary Sheet (PASSTM), which assesses the potential uses of a patent, and the Market Analysis Quad (MAQTM), which helps owners maximize returns on their intellectual property investments. In just thirty days, PATES offers owners practical actionable strategies for using their intellectual property.

The PATESTM system has proved itself in a broad spectrum of technologies including medical devices, stem cell therapeutics, skin probiotics, microfluidics, composite materials (NASA), rotary vane combustion engines, and microelectronics. It has helped customers ranging from state and federal governments to private sector entities decide their next courses of action in the development of their intellectual properties.

Bob Bowers presenting the APiMTM

Bob Bowers presenting the APiMTM

Bob Bowers, Senior Advisor of Intelligence, presented the Advanced Predictive Intelligence Model (APiMTM).  Intelligence is all about predictions and APiMTM offers a sophisticated technology-based search capability that helps analysts predict adversaries’ actions and identify the factors that influence those actions.  APiMTM uses sophisticated technology-based search tools to apply open source data to potential scenarios, giving analysts the capability of evaluating multiple “what if” situations that allow them to predict an enemy’s actions with greater confidence. By harvesting data on people of interest, their locations, their activities, and other related data, the Predictive Intelligence Model can develop likelihoods of events, predict possible outcomes, and analyze underlying ideological and cultural issues to assess confidence in the resulting estimate.

Jeff Thomas addressed the project profiles of NGIC and CITP and the increased call to military intelligence fusion.  The CITP project focuses on counter IED and counter insurgency targeting and is recognized for both CONUS and OCONUS delivery.

One of the new developments the Board discussed is SHINE’s SBA-Certified HUBZone status. HUBZone certification offers the company federal contracting opportunities and a direct path for helping historically underutilized business communities. For HUBZone certification, at least thirty five percent of the company’s employees must reside in a HUBZone, the company’s principal office must be located within a HUBZone, and the principal office must house the largest number of the company’s employees. The Board also discussed strategies for preserving the HUBZone status including maintaining a HUBZone office in Charlottesville and opening an office for company operations in Shenandoah, Virginia in Page County. SHINE’s HUBZone strategies also include consolidating its two Charlottesville offices into a single office located in the HUBZone on Ivy Road.


Scott Bradshaw introducting TRAILTM

Scott Bradshaw introducting TRAILTM

Scott Bradshaw, Director of Technology, spoke about TRAILTM, the Technology Rapid Integration Lab, which allows SHINE to leverage cloud computing for corporate and client requirements. The lab helps distinguish SHINE Systems in crafting client solutions. TRAIL offers security, reduced licensing costs, architectural flexibility, rapid “stand up” and “shut down,” and minimized desktop licensing costs while requiring no capital investment or operating costs.

The next SHINE Board of Advisors meeting will be held in the SHINE office located in Tysons Corner, Virginia.



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