CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. April 1, 2011 – SHINE Systems & Technologies (“SHINE”) engaged with Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) to assess two pre-patent invention disclosures in April.  Both assessments were delivered within the 30-day guarantee offered by SHINE Systems.  As is customary with its novel approach, SHINE Systems offers an objective viability decision along with commercialization recommendations when the invention is viable.

SHINE Chief Scientist Dr. Terry Woodworth noted “This is our first engagement with Eastern Virginia Medical School, and we’re excited about having EVMS entrust us with a commercial viability analysis of some of their exciting innovations.”

SHINE Systems has performed PATES™ assessments for universities, federal government laboratories, and commercial firms, and has assessed other medical-related technologies.  The EVMS engagement, moreover, was unique and expanded SHINE Systems’ portfolio.  “The medical technologies we’ve reviewed in the past were primarily used behind the scenes, such as in laboratories, but the EVMS technologies are medical devices intended for direct use on patients,” stated Dr. Woodworth. “It’s a field we’re excited to support with our PATES™ products.”

Not only do these device technologies add to the breadth of technologies that SHINE Systems has assessed using PATES™, but EVMS’ Norfolk location is helping SHINE fulfill its goal of growth in the Hampton Roads area.

SHINE Systems’ President, Jeff Thomas, added, “Our popular Market Analysis Quad, a product we introduced this year, continues to deliver objective results. We are privileged to engage with a reputable organization such as EVMS and look forward to future efforts to fulfill our growth commitments in PATES™ assessments and in the Hampton Roads region.”

SHINE Systems & Technologies (SHINE; www.shinesystechcom) is an engineering, solutions, and innovation firm headquartered in Charlottesville, VA.  SHINE Systems is focused on enabling clients with end-to-end solutions that leverage workflow, technology integration, collaboration, and innovation. Our client base includes the Federal Government, State and Local Governments, Non-Profits, and Commercial firms. SHINE Systems’ subject matter expertise encompasses military and business Intelligence Analysis, Fusion, and Analytics; web and non-web based Software Engineering; Business Process and Workflow Engineering, Re-Engineering, and Optimization; Collaboration and Strategic Planning; the Information Technologies; the Health and Life Sciences; and Intellectual Property management and commercialization.