SHINE’s Commitment To IP Commercialization Takes A Bold Step

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. December 11, 2008 – SHINE Systems & Technologies (SHINE) delivered its PATES™ Patent/Technology Analysis Summary Sheet (PASS™) to James Madison University (JMU).  The PASS™ captured SHINE’s assessment of a microfluidics patent in JMU’s technology portfolio and was presented within PATES™ 30-day promise.  SHINE also offered assessments on two additional related microfluidics Disclosures.

JMU’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio continues to grow as does the need to compete in a marketplace ripe with innovation.  JMU chose SHINE to leverage a partnership characterized by diverse technologies’ subject matter expertise and business acumen; moreover, the recommendations offered in the PASS™ define a roadmap to bring the technology to market with highest benefit to JMU.  As summarized by Dr. John Noftsinger Jr., JMU Vice Provost for Research and Public Service, “SHINE offered an actionable strategy enabling JMU to commercialize one of our high profile patents.  Their analysis was thorough and delivered within their 30 day commitment.”

Mary Lou G. Bourne, Director of JMU’s Office of Technology Transfer, noted “SHINE supports our technology transfer goals. Based on their expert analyses, we have a deeper understanding of the commercial viability of JMU innovations. SHINE Systems’ recommendations in its PASS™ product offer clear direction for licensing as well as provisional patent filings.  JMU is excited to engage in an ongoing collaboration with SHINE Systems as we commercialize our growing IP portfolio.”

SHINE President Jeff Thomas sees the value of this partnership with JMU, “Bringing JMU’s IP through our PATES™ model was a significant step forward to maximize JMU’s investment in that IP as well as to explore other IP in their growing portfolio.  Their vision matches our commitment to IP commercialization very well!”


SHINE Systems & Technologies (SHINE; is a management consultancy headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. SHINE Systems is focused on enabling clients with end-to-end solutions that leverage workflow, technology integration, collaboration, and innovation. Our client base includes the Federal Government, State and Local Governments, Non-Profits, and Commercial firms. SHINE’s subject matter expertise encompasses military and business Intelligence Analysis, Fusion, and Analytics; web and non-web based Software Engineering; Business Process and Workflow Engineering, Re-Engineering, and Optimization; Collaboration and Strategic Planning; the Information Technologies; the Health and Life Sciences; and Intellectual Property management and commercialization.

About PATES™ (patent pending)

SHINE’s patent-pending Patent/Technology Exploitation System (PATES™) rapidly and efficiently analyzes intellectual property (IP), including pre-patent technologies as well as provisional or issued patents, to achieve two goals: 1) determine the commercial viability of the IP, and 2) maximize the return to the IP owner. PATES™ marries technology, process, and expert analysis in a structured, disciplined model that produces an objective, actionable assessment in 30 days or less. The Patent/Technology Analysis Summary Sheet (PASS™) offers customers an actionable summary of the PATES™ unique assessment as well as a roadmap to commercialization.  Included in this assessment are IP overlap analysis, innovation/market landscape and commercial opportunities, and recommended next steps to commercialize the technology.