SHINE Selected To Provide PATES™ Assessment For NASA LaRC Technology Portfolio

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. August 7, 2009 – SHINE Systems & Technologies (“SHINE”; today received a task order from the Technology Commercialization Center (TeCC) engaging SHINE and its Patent/Technology Exploitation System (PATES™) to analyze a portfolio of NASA Langley Research Center (NASA LaRC) technology for TeCC.

TeCC, based in Hampton, Va, was created in 1999 to support the commercialization of technologies particularly those from NASA centers in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Their core staff features extensive technical and industry sector expertise as well as a strong background both working within and commercializing the results from NASA technology programs.  NASA LaRC has tasked TeCC to identify research and commercialization partners for its technologies.

SHINE will apply its patent pending PATES™ model to analyze a portfolio of NASA LaRC technologies.  In addition to providing the Patent/Technology Analysis Summary Sheet (PASS™), SHINE will also provide TeCC with a list of qualified industry candidates for partnering with NASA LaRC on the subject portfolio technologies.

SHINE Chief Scientist Dr. Terry Woodworth accepted the task with enthusiasm, “We are excited to work with TeCC to support their efforts to commercialize NASA LaRC technologies.  The PATES™ model is well-suited to provide the detailed analysis of the technology and to identify candidate companies for partnering with NASA LaRC.”

Board Advisor Kenneth Golden (USN, Retired) expressed his excitement for SHINE Systems’ venture into the Tidewater region, “The news here is exciting because this is the first time SHINE Systems’ new process has been offered and utilized in the Hampton Roads area.  The addition of NASA Langley makes them a shoe-in for future business here in Joint Forces Command, the Air Combat Command’s C4ISR Integration Center as well as being an asset to Fleet Forces Command.”

SHINE Systems & Technologies (SHINE; is a small business management consultancy headquartered in Charlottesville, VA.  SHINE Systems is focused on enabling clients with end-to-end solutions that leverage workflow, technology integration, collaboration, and innovation. Our client base includes the Federal Government, State and Local Governments, Non-Profits, and Commercial firms. SHINE’s subject matter expertise encompasses military and business Intelligence Analysis, Fusion, and Analytics; web and non-web based Software Engineering; Business Process and Workflow Engineering, Re-Engineering, and Optimization; Collaboration and Strategic Planning; the Information Technologies; the Health and Life Sciences; and Intellectual Property management and commercialization.

About PATES™, patent pending
SHINE’s patent pending Patent/Technology Exploitation System (PATES™) rapidly and efficiently analyzes intellectual property (IP) including pre-patent technologies as well as provisional or issued patents to achieve two goals: 1) determine the commercial viability of the IP, and 2) maximize the return to the IP owner. PATES™ marries technology, process and expert analysis in a structured, disciplined model that produces an objective, actionable assessment in 30 days or less. The Patent/Technology Analysis Summary Sheet (PASS™) offers customers an actionable summary of the PATES™ unique assessment as well as a roadmap to commercialization.  Included in this assessment are IP overlap analysis, innovation/market landscape and commercial opportunities, and recommended next steps to commercialize the technology.