Technology Integration

Discover How Innovation and Project Management Ensure Your Goals’ Success

Technology IntegrationFor SHINE Systems, Technology Integration means applying the best innovation available to meet your specific needs. We engineer technical solutions based on these specific needs, as well as your other requirements, and in accordance with exacting industry standards.

SHINE Systems’ engineers are practice leaders in crafting solutions in project management, systems integration, cyber security, data management, and software engineering.

Choosing to work with us gives you access to our network of senior systems engineers hand-picked to work on your particular project.

Our team collaborates with you with a focus on innovation, process, and execution.

To ensure success, SHINE Systems has developed a consultative approach based on:

  • Thorough Requirements Assessment
  • Leading Industry Innovations
  • Repeated Practice
  • Timely Execution
  • Stringent Quality Control Procedures

Our team’s technology integration skill set encompasses:

  • Software and Systems Engineering
  • Project Implementation and Management
  • Systems Development and Monitoring
  • Data and Document Management
  • Cyber Security and Threat Management

Our past successes include work with federal agencies, law enforcement, non-profits, and educational institutions. Additionally, our senior analysts and Field Service Representatives (FSRs) have helped our government customers support 20,000 worldwide users across multiple top-level security agencies and global Fortune 50 corporations.

We believe a solution is only successful when all parties understand the technical nature of the work required and the full scope of their roles. To this end, we provide customers with active Project Managers who exemplify the core tenets of SHINE Systems’ service-based culture and provide your team with the training and quality control required for success every time.

For more information on our Technology Integration services please contact us.