Mission Support Services

Discover Innovative Mission Support That’s Always There

Mission Support ServicesKnowledge is power—and also the new currency for today’s world. Your team could be left behind if not on-task with intelligence skills, information technology trends, and human capital recruitment.

SHINE Systems helps you develop highly trained teams of analytic professionals, provide FSRs, or help businesses create temporary or long-term professional teams to meet specific, task-centered goals requiring specialized knowledge.

We also help emerging start-ups, educational institutions, and corporate and government leaders commercialize innovations through our patent-pending Patent/Technology Exploitation System (PATES). PATES determines the viability (commercial, military, etc.) of innovative technologies in any form or stage (patented or not) across a spectrum of subject matter areas such as information technology, medical, various disciplines of engineering, and many more.

PATES Patent Technology Analysis Logo We deliver an actionable analysis to you addressing the viability of your innovation/technology in 30 days or less. Email us today for more information on PATES.

Our Offering for Mission Support Services include:

Innovation Consulting

There are many paths an organization can take when planning to capitalize on an innovation. We specialize in helping you assess whether your innovation is viable as a new startup business or as a value-added capability for a Federal agency and/or military weapon system.  We then create a roadmap to transform your innovation from idea to market, or in the case of our military-focused customers, to battlefield presence. Part of these services include connecting you with industry-sector experts who in turn can advise on various market-entry points for your innovation.


With over 150 years of collective experience and 100,000 hours of onsite and field training, SHINE Systems offers a range of coursework relevant to your mission. Our expertise includes Palantir-endorsed training at multiple levels, Rapid Site Exploitation or RaSE™ forensics instruction, and technical and project management (PMP-certified) consulting.

Staff Augmentation

If resources are not available or you need additional support to meet a tight deadline, SHINE Systems can supply the right resources at the right time and an affordable price. Technical and non-technical teams are available now for a variety of information technology projects as well as marketing support for both short- and long-term needs.

Small Team and Business Support

As a small business ourselves, SHINE Systems understands the unique needs of small teams meeting large missions. To help you meet your needs, we offer FSO placement, travel, workflow, document digitization (paperless office), and accounting services.

Administrative Support

Since 2008, we’ve also offered customers support for data entry, correspondence drafting, scheduling, calendar management, and event management.

For more information on our Mission Support Services please contact us.