Identity Intelligence Collection & Analysis

Identity Intelligence Collection and Analysis

Identity IntelligenceOur biometrics and forensics Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) established the first use of forensic collection and exploitation labs for the Department of Defense (DoD) in the Middle East in 2005 and 2007 in support of counter insurgency operations. Today, we work with this elite community of experts to offer a program of instruction for combat forensics and an advanced forensic collection and exploitation training program.

Our identity intelligence (I2) capability offers proven experience and knowledge in developing and deploying:

  • Biometric and forensic workflow and collection
  • Exploitation and matching (latent print) proficiencies
  • Military operation support system
  • Counter intelligence, security, and criminal investigation

For all I2 missions, we incorporate the collection of biometrics using portable collection devices (e.g., CrossMatch’s SEEK) as well as laptop-based enrollment systems connected to sensitive networks. Our training programs are designed around the characteristics of specific biometric capture techniques and devices. We teach students the most effective methods for capturing the highest quality results, consistently and efficiently, based upon field tests and quality evaluations.

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