Decision Analytics

Discover How Our Analysis Yields Precise Results

Decision AnalyticsSHINE Systems offers leading-edge analysis that transforms your data into a decisive advantage. We provide you with senior analysts who use the world’s most sophisticated technologies to find the right answers for your particular needs. You will enjoy the success that the right team of analysts with the right skill set and knowledge brings, so you can take charge of and meet your goals every time.

Whether it’s an approach, an innovation, a tool, an intelligence analyst, or all of the above, SHINE Systems delivers analysis that is actionable and solution-driven. We analyze trends applying the best technical capabilities to yield exemplary military and identity (biometrics, forensics) intelligence.


Military Intelligence AnalysisMilitary Intelligence Analysis

We offer years of extensive military intelligence experience combined with powerful and sophisticated technology platforms to help you turn threats into action out in the field.


Identity Intelligence Collection and AnalysisIdentity Intelligence Collection and Analysis

You can rely on our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to deliver an elite level of combat forensics and advanced forensic collection instruction.